Overview / History:

In the 8th September 1986, Tehran Dental Branch witnessed the establishment of training the specialized researchers of science and wisdom in the dentistry branch with 67 students and has been started till now. In 1994, with the acceptance of the Higher Governance of the university, and the approval of the Health Ministry, Dental Prosthesis and Dental Health Nursing, have been added to the unit.

Professors and Students:

1511 students are studying in 3 courses, and it is honorable to have 164 Faculty Members whose rankings are: 7 Professors, 15 associated Professors, 82 Assistant Professors and 60 teachers (96 Full Time teachers, 13 Part Time teachers, and 55 tuition teachers) are training the students. The ratio of the professors to the students is 1 to 3, which is unique in its own type.


From the first day of the establishing the unit, 1700 students in Dentistry during 25 semesters, 430 Students in Dental Health Nursing, during 16 semesters, and 486 students during 16 semesters in Dental Prosthesis, have been graduated from this university. Many of the alumni are spending their specialty in the best universities of the country or abroad and some of them are teaching dentistry courses in this university after taking their proficiencies.


This unit has 12 tutorial treatment sections (Implantation- Restorative- Periodontics- Surgery- Endodontics- Pediatrics Dentistry- Radiology- Recognition- Fixed Prosthesis- Orthodontics- Oral and Dental Health Clinic) are responsive to patients and clients in the morning and evening and also after the training hours of the university, the clinic is ready to offer their professional services as well.


This university has 5 buildings with 7515 square meters space now, and is going to extend its space up to 15000 square meters by the completion of the new project. The other constructive activities in this university are: constructing of educational sections, laboratories, pre-clinics, libraries, publication centers, internet site, audio visual units, Young Researchers Club, Alumni association, and Cultural Administrative and welfare sections.


The unique and complete equipments of this university is 234 dentistry units, 17 preoperational radiology devices, 2 OPG Radiology devices, 2 RVG and STV scanning devises, and Sterilizing Machine (CSR) with high capacities, which separate this university as one of the most equipped dental universities in the country.

Sport Honors:

• Achieving the second place of Europe’s Taekwondo Championship in Romania

• Achieving 8 different championship prizes in all of the Islamic Azad University Competitions

• Achieving 4 different vice-champion prizes in the Medical Universities of the country

• Achieving 8 different 3rd place of championship in the Medical Universities of the country

• Achieving 2 different 4th place of championship in the 8th Region of the Islamic Azad Universities


• The acceptance of 134 students of this university in the specialty assistant Exam of the country

• Achieving the 1st grade of the Board of Specialists in 2000 and 2004 by the dental graduated students and has had the most statistic of the acceptance between dental universities of the country

• Achieving the 2nd place of honor by the students of this university in the ranking of the dental university students of the country, in the 22nd Comprehensive Basic Science Exam.

• Achieving 100 from 100 by one of the graduated students of this university by Ms. Nooshin Shokouhinejad in the Board Specialists Written Exam, which this result is unpredicted till now. She has achieved 4 honorable grades (as below) during her education in this university, which has become her as one of the eminent scientific dental faces:

1. The 1st place of the Comprehensive Basic Science Exam.

2. The 1st place of the university graduates

3. The 1st place of the Assistance Exam of the country

4. The 1st place of the Board of Specialists of the country

• Achieving the 1st place in the 9th Comprehensive Dental Basic Science Exam by one of the students of this university: Ms. Mojdeh Kalantar Motamed.

• Achieving the 1st place in the 11th National Competition of Memorization and Translation of Holy Quran by one of the students of this university: Ms. Parvin Amini