Public Relations

Public Relations Manager:

Mr. Ali Heydari

Executive Activities:

1. Public Relation Expert in Islamic Azad University, Dental Branch, for 2 years

2. Responsible for the Community Hall and Conference Room in the Dental Branch from year 2000

Public Relations:

From the first days of establishing the Islamic Azad University, this university has no facilities and well equipments to advertize this group in other cities, except Friday prays, or conferences and meetings of others to introduce till the extending of the Islamic Azad University and establishing the public relations in each branch, which this duty has done well. 

The public relations of the Islamic Azad University have great responsibility to introduce this university all over the region and the country with the partnership of the other districts as well. Among these activities are the publication of advertizing journals, formation of the scientific, cultural, and research activities in different exhibitions, such as Science and Technology Week Exhibition. 

This office, invites the enthusiasts to journalism, news writing, informing, and … to cooperate.

One of the public relations activities is to broadcast the scientific, cultural, artistic activities of the students in different fields. The embers of the Scientific Associations and Students Organizations are settled in this office too. 

The Public Relations Office is located in the 2nd floor of the 3rd building of the Dentistry University. For more information please call: 0098 21 22763459 and 0098 21 22542740