Dr. Afshin Haraji

The chancellor of the Dental branch of the Islamic Azad University: Dr. Afshin Haraji

The chancellor of the Dental branch of Islamic Azad University’s Message

Thanks God, whose beginning has no inception and the ending, is not his sequel, who is the First and the Last, Perennial and Everlasting.  

The venerable professors, dear colleagues and students, please accept my hearty pure greetings.

It has been taking a few months from the beginning of my responsibility in this university. Although all the attempts of the university management team was to develop the corrective goals of the university, improving the physical conditions and removing the educational deficiencies, but do admit that, we have a long way ahead and great goals in mind.

Today, the Dental branch of the Islamic Azad University has a great prominent position and a great worthy of praise ranking among the Dental Universities of the country, but there exist a long way to reach its real place.

However, according to the gracious statements of the Great Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameneie, this year is the year of redouble efforts and work, so it deserves to follow this great motto and tries more to promote the great objectives and goals of this scientific institute.

We cannot afford this goal, unless the grace of God and the efforts of all of you. Meanwhile, we need your sincere cooperation and accept your constructive comments as well.

Lord, turn the consequences into your acquiescent and our Salvation.